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If you are looking for a criminal defense lawyer, you may wish to reach out to this firm.

When Chicago-born Dominic Gentile moved to Las Vegas from Houston, he didn't move willingly. He wasn't a gambler and was into Led Zeppelin. Divine intervention got in the way and how Gentile sees the move as one which was good for him and his family.
"I love Vegas, and I'm glad everything worked out," Gentile said recently. "It was an accident."
Gentile traces his roots as a criminal defense attorney back to his father. His dad observed that saw Italian-American kids "put upon" by law enforcement and it helps his father develop a sense of right and wrong.
"He saw that anyone who stood up for the rights of others was respected," said Gentile. "He drove that into me."
Gentile was 10-years-old when he started hearing, "You should be a lawyer," and in his high school yearbook he spelled out his career plan : criminal defense attorney. "I was one of those who had to be guarded what he wished for," Gentile added.
The passion for justice intensified when Gentile watched Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. March through Cicero. Next to have an impact was the riotous Democratic Convention and the Trial of "the Chicago Seven."
Gentile would eventually work with many of the attorneys who represented Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Rennie Davis, John Froines, and Lee Weiner.
His very first case was as a volunteer for the ACLU on Roe v Wade.
"We are talking about an Italian-Catholic. Talk about some internal conflict and issue wrestling," Gentile says.
That passion for justice grew into Las Vegas' most significant and most respected law firm.

Core Values

Founded in 2015, the firm's partners bring a top-echelon measure of sophistication exceeding many larger legal firms.
Gentile, Cristalli, Miller, Armeni, Savarese is made up of a team of experienced lawyers dedicated to providing top-tier legal services. Working with individuals and businesses, the firm clings tight to its core values: honesty, integrity, and justice. Ther reputation has been secured among the country's legal firms and has placed them in the vanguard of the highest level of service.
Committed to sustaining high standards of professionalism, many of the firm's lawyers are involved in academia to see that the industry knowledge acquired through over a collective century of expertise is passed on to future generations of barristers.

Practice Areas

Today, Gentile, Cristalli, Miller, Armeni, Savarese specialty areas have grown to include:

The firm has seen several of its attorneys achieve "Lawyer of the Year" status. The honor is given to individual lawyers who have the highest overall peer-feedback within a specific practice area and location. Just one lawyer has recognized annually for each specialty.
Gentile, Cristalli, Miller, Armeni, Savarese is also a recipient of the "Law Firm of the Year" award which is nation and practice area specific.
In addition to those prestigious awards, the firm is recognized as the Top-Listed in Nevada in Criminal Defense and Top-Listed in Nevada in Criminal Defense and the Top-Listed in Las Vegas in Criminal Defense as well as Top-Listed in Las Vegas in Criminal Defense.

The Business of Law

Gentile believes the future of the business of law is the same as when he started out decades ago solving complex problems. Many problems need more than just a criminal defense attorney or a bankruptcy attorney. These problems require an interdisciplinary approach and skill set.
Attorneys have the backgrounds to be able to analyze a problem and find the best solution.
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